Long over due… A Marie Antoinette inspired Birthday… For Me!

It is a travesty! I can’t believe I never posted these pictures after the big fuss I made about my party!

This was definitely this best party I have ever had; well accept maybe my 21st πŸ˜‰

All the special people in my life were there and it truly was memorable.


This is the dessert table decorated before the desserts were laid out.

The rest of the apartment…. I spent a solid month cutting out paper flowers to string together. Thank you Martha Stewart; except for the fact the it took forever!

20111111-113501.jpg another view

My DJ!

Desserts beginning to come out

Of course my costume made a cameo

All hand made by moi! Macaroons,cake pops, cupcake bites, Princess Torte

Here’s the recipe for the Torte. Heads up its definitely an advanced recipe http://www.tarteletteblog.com/2008_10_01_archive.html


My party hat! From Paper Nosh

Yes I made my own birthday cake πŸ˜‰

The only way to celebrate

Getting into the night!


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