Being Fancy!

This weekend was full of fun events! These are some of my highlights:

On Friday I went to a surprise Masquerade party for Robert Lang of Robert Lang Studios in Charleston, Sc. He was throughly surprised. So what makes this fancy you ask? Well most things I do are particularly fancy, but this one was special. It was at a penthouse at The Tides. It is right by the Arthur Ravenell bridge and had the most breath taking view.

I was so happy to use this occasion to whip out my black tie dress that I wore once for New Years eve two years ago in NYC. I also made my own mask. I found Fimo clay that I hadn’t used since I was a kid, but hey it was free! It was a catered event by Cru Cafe, which is a wonderful restaurant in Charleston. The cake was amazing too. It was done by one of their friends who is the pastry chef at Whole Foods. It was three-tiered. The top tier was pound cake, the middle what brownie-pound cake-brownie and the bottom was a hollowed out chocolate cake filled with Reese’s Pieces! The whole thing was covered in chocolate ganache. I binge ate this weekend 😉


Poll My fabulous Marie Birthday

So its a big birthday this year and I want it to be extra special. I’m sending out invitations to make it more personal. Please help me pick the best one. I will post a poll to follow

Option 1:

option 1

Option 2:

option 2

Option 3:

Option 3

Option 4:


option 4

Option 5:


option 5

Option 6:


option 6

Option 7:


option 7

I love them all, but option 1 does have glitter 😉

Halloween Weekend!

It’s my favorite holiday! I’m jam packing my weekend full of events and it’s important to me to look spot on and fabulous. I’m about to start getting ready so I decided to post a video from YouTube on how I’m going to do my makeup. It is the Barbie loves Mac look. This isn’t the best video, but honestly it’s the only one I could find that I like and showed the proper look.


Here’s my finished look!

If only!

I want these so bad but only in my dreams right! These earrings were Marie Antoinette’s. After her execution, Duchess Tatiana Yousupoff of Russia acquired them. Then in 1928, jewelry Pierre Cartier obtained them. They had never been reset at this point. In the same year, Cartier gave them to some rich chick I am extremely jealous of, Marjorie Merriweather Post. Following this in 1959, Harry Winston reset them in Platinum versus the original silver setting and Cartier designed the triangle tops. In 1964 Post’s daughter donated them to the Smithsonian.

Qvc and The Smithsonian teamed up to recreate legendary jewelry pieces, and I so thought these magnificent earring would be one. I know replicas have been made; not from real diamonds of course, but they are no longer available to my knowledge. If anyone knows if they are, or are available for purchase please let me know! Until then I will hold my breath for these Kenneth Jay Lane ones.

New obsession!

I discovered this brand in a quaint shop in Charleston, Sc and originally fell in love with the packaging, but the scents are amazing. First, this perfume my MOR Cosmetics it’s titillating!

It has notes of vanilla musk and jasmine flower. Don’t be fooled by the name, it does not smell like candy. Actually, originally the candy marshmellows were made with the delicate marshmallow flower.

Tokyo Milk is my new obsession. No joke I plan on buying the whole line and decoratingmy bathroom with the packaging; it’s just that cute. As you know I love Marie Antoinette, so I have my eye out for this “let them eat cake” bon bon lipgloss:

Let Them Eat Cake Bon Bon

Check out the whole line. The site really has some cute, different things. Take for example this stationary:

Added to the Christmas/Bday list… Cheeckkkk!

Check this post by PureMarie to read more!

If I lived in Paris, were French, or could just afford it… my house would look like this

My brother posted this on my face book wall. Its’ about Herve Pierre’s home in NYC. Herve Peirre is the creative designer for Caroline Herrera. Notice The framed pictures in an elaborate frame:

I am attempting to do something like this in my house. The frame will not be as massive. I have some antique illustrations from Arthur Rickham of “The Tempest.” I am getting them matted and framed in smaller frames to make a similar piece of art. What do you think? Do you like Herve’s style or is it a little cluttered?



This will be the first of many posts about Marie Antoinette. Ever since I visited Versailles when I was younger and saw the grandeur of the of the palace, I have been fascinated by the glitz and glamor of the French royalty, mainly Marie Antoinette.

Girlfriend has got a bad rep… I will save the history lesson, but just know that she and Louis XVI inherited a terrible debt left by their predessor. The were doomed from the start. And just to let you know it is not true that Marie Antoinette said ” Let them eat cake.”

Although there wasn’t back then, there were still gossip columns and this was one piece of gossip that spread to infamy.

This weekend there was a fabulous Halloween party and I was… Marie Antoinette! I have had this costume since last December and spent way to much money and time on it, but I love it!