Electronic cigarettes. You’re not as cool you think

You know what really grinds my gears…..

Electronic cigarettes
You don’t look cool. All of a sudden people are “lighting g up” their faux cigs and being like “oh I’m saving the world”. It’s like being a vegitarian and eating eggs. Electronic cigs were invented to help addicts quit. Now I don’t know what the fudge it’s about. 
One ascot wearing straight guy said to me tonight ” it’s because you can’t smoke in most places in NYC”. I said wtf because that punk wearing the flower covered varsity jacket in front of me is leaving a trail of cancer behind him. It looks like he farted death.
You can’t smoke anymore in NYC? Then why are you still blowing carcinogens in my face. I call bullshit. This is merely trendsetting at its worst. Honestly I’m pretty sure the “trendsetters” have a  weekly convention in a subway station where they scope out the homeless people where they get their inspiration on fashion from. My next post will be going into hipsters, which mind you I invented the word.        
So this is what I have to say to you Nyc followers who think you are trendy…. You’re not new. You’re not the catalyst in trendsetting. You are not the first  person on the scene with them.  In fact your 2000 and late.
So in conclusion just because you’re not lighting up doesn’t mean your saving yourself any grief. You are  still inhaling toxins…. and pissing me off.