In My Closet.. My favorite things

Ok I’m giving away a huge secret here! This is my favorite website . This is where I got my Halloween costume. I don’t usually tell people about this because I like being original and if everyone knew about I wouldn’t be. People on the West Coast may laugh at me and say this is no secret, but us East Coasters are missing out. Don’t be fooled by the name, everything is custom-made. Most Girls Next Door costumes are from here, they do tons of movies. I’m pretty sure Christina Aguilar’s new movie Burlesque uses costumes from there. I am totally getting my wedding lingerie from here 😉 P.s . I accept gifts

Here are some highlight:

Marie Antoinette lingerie line

Marie Antoinette Lingerie line

Carousel Collection

BollyWood collection

Easy A


My Halloween Costume

Ok so I’m not kidding this is a big deal for me to share! Let me know how you like the site!


Halloween Weekend!

It’s my favorite holiday! I’m jam packing my weekend full of events and it’s important to me to look spot on and fabulous. I’m about to start getting ready so I decided to post a video from YouTube on how I’m going to do my makeup. It is the Barbie loves Mac look. This isn’t the best video, but honestly it’s the only one I could find that I like and showed the proper look.


Here’s my finished look!


This will be the first of many posts about Marie Antoinette. Ever since I visited Versailles when I was younger and saw the grandeur of the of the palace, I have been fascinated by the glitz and glamor of the French royalty, mainly Marie Antoinette.

Girlfriend has got a bad rep… I will save the history lesson, but just know that she and Louis XVI inherited a terrible debt left by their predessor. The were doomed from the start. And just to let you know it is not true that Marie Antoinette said ” Let them eat cake.”

Although there wasn’t back then, there were still gossip columns and this was one piece of gossip that spread to infamy.

This weekend there was a fabulous Halloween party and I was… Marie Antoinette! I have had this costume since last December and spent way to much money and time on it, but I love it!