A Royal Wedding

Yes, I’m talking about my own! No, not really I wish. Hopefully mine will stand up to that of Versailles, but it will be special in my own way. No, I am talking about Prince William and Kate Middleton. Shortly after I announced my own engagement, Mrs. Middleton had to steal my sunshine. I kid I kid.

I saw some brief exerts on the news and was strangely surprised to see that her engagement ring was a sapphire. My own has sapphire, except very subtly as I like it. Sapphire has a very sentimental value to me. When I was born my Daddy gave my Mom and sapphire and diamond ring. Also my very first Christmas with my fiance, he gave the most magical gift, a sapphire tennis bracelet. I hold the stone close to my heart and hope to wear my mothers as my something blue.  Where as Kate Middleton’s ring is not necessarily my style, I do admire it and I also love the fact that it was Princess Diana’s. What do you think of the nontraditional engagement ring of colored stones?

As I was watching news clips, I found it quite funny that William said not once but twice that she will be in alot of trouble if she looses it. I’m sure everyone woman feels that pressure and slight nervousness of wearing the nicest thing she owns on her finger, but Kate takes it to a whole new level!

Can you imagine preparing yourself to be the Princess of England? I’m sure Kate has been being groomed from the beginning, but she is living a true fantasy. As I do not know Kate as well as I would like, (just tea and crumpets a few times hardly makes her my best friend) I think the has a magnanimous look and will be an adoring princess.

Now excuse me for being slightly vain, but I wanted to show you pictures of Kate Middleton’s ring and my own:


She is easily rocking a five carte!

Ok this is not her ring, but I had to include it. Middleton has been rumored to be engaged many times as she has been with William for so long, but where did this ring come from! Gaw wouldn’t it be nice just to have a no reason gift like this:

And here is my own pretty. This is the ring it was cast from. It is not mine, only the original.

There are french cut sapphires set under the diamond