Be unique. French designer Les Nereides














I was introduced to this brand by one of my coolest most stylish friends. She lived abroad in Paris. This designer is one of her discoveries; Les Nereides. Some pieces are magnificently embellished while others are just quirky. All are handpainted, embroidered or styled with miniature pearls and Swarovski crystal inlays. Either way these pieces will get you noticed; and what’s even better is that you’ll be original because this line isn’t sold state-side.

I have these earrings. I always get stopped because they are so unusual except why didn’t anyone thing of it before!








Here are some other unique pieces:

Dancing Ballerinas!






Circus performers






There are earrings and bracelets that match





Gorgeous enamel necklace. This is the kind of detail displayed in all of their work.





Perhaps the most elaborate collection:

    Un Jardin Extraordinaire